Realtimme Fixed Assets Register

Now you can manage your fixed assets efficiently.

Features of Realtimme Fixed Assets Register

» Intuitive interface.

» Automated processes focused.

» Increase productivity by automation.

» Increase revenue by accurately tracking fixed assets.

» Unlimited updates and upgrades.

» Multiple languages support.

» Customisable UI.

Your Challenges, Our Solution

Tedious Information Storage + Retrieval

Maintenance of fixed assets register in Excel spreadsheets

Easy Information Storage + Retrieval

Digitised your fixed assets register with pictures and asset invoices

Manual Stock Count

Manual method of stock count of fixed assets in Excel with adjustments for variance

Fast and Accurate Stock Count

Built-in barcode label printing and stock take feature

Manual Asset Transfer By Location

Filling up forms for asset transfer from location to location

Automated Asset Transfer By Location

Online transfer and acceptance of fixed asset by the supervisor with the click of buttons

Manual Asset Transfer Between Staff

Filling up forms for asset transfer from employee to employee

Automated Asset Transfer Between Staff

Online transfer and acceptance of fixed asset by the employee with the click of buttons

Manual Tracking of Depreciation

Monthly depreciation of fixed assets are tracked and calculated manually using Excel spreadsheets.

Automated Tracking of Depreciation

Single process to work out each fixed asset depreciation and net book value

Separate System For Fixed Asset Disposal

Disposal of fixed assets with adjustment entries to a separate accounting system

Single System For Fixed Asset Disposal

Pre-set disposal, gain, and loss in disposal and sales proceeds account auto-posted in a single fixed asset system

Multiple Retail Outlets, Multiple Systems

Multiple outlets use multiple spreadsheets to track the value of the fixed assets in each outlet

Multiple Retail Outlets, Single System

Scalable location master to track the value of the fixed assets in each outlet

Inconsistent Rules & Policies

Rules and policies for different categories of fixed assets are set and kept manually

Pre-set Rules & Policies

Pre-set minimum capitalisation, residual value, straight line, reducing balance, double-digit for useful life, pre-set in fixed asset register

Who Are We?

We are a technology company that builds Fixed Assets Register for financial reporting.

We have over 20 years of experience working with business owners, accountants and auditors.

Our Target Audience

  1. Business owners with thousands of fixed assets to account for.
  2. Accountants who are responsible for Fixed assets accounting.
  3. Auditors for fixed asset.

What We Can Provide

  1. Fixed Asset maintenance platform that makes your reporting efficient and transparent.
  2. Out-sourcing of fixed asset accounting service with you having the full control of your data.

Why Choose Us?

 We have a tested and proven FA system with existing users who had faced the above challenges.

We are a technology company that can automate your processes.

We empower your accounting team so that they can do perform other value-added tasks.

We want you to grow your revenue with your existing resources using our tool.

We are a group of chartered accountants who believe in and preach productivity.

We provide free upgrades, updates, and phone support in all our subscription plans.

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Realtimme Fixed Assets Register

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